Will The US Electoral College Stick Around?

Will The US Electoral College Stick Around?

Every election, many people ponder the question of whether or not the electoral college should be taken out of the equation. It’s been coming up over and over again in recent elections to the point where people are wondering if it should be seriously considered and not just part of conjecture. What do you think about the electoral college?

I had a conversation with one of my good friends the other day about the party nominations for the upcoming elections. She said that she felt the nominations and the presidency should be decided by popular vote, not by the electoral voting process and delegates. As a matter of fact, it’s the race for the Democratic and Republican nominations that is making people talk about this once again.

As you can imagine, they will be talking about it come election time in November, too. It’s going to get their attention, and it’s a good time to try and see if any movement to end the electoral college in the US can gain any traction. I don’t think it’s going to happen because it’s a part of history. It is a fair process, but contradictions can come into play. For example, it was estimated that Mitt Romney might actually win the popular vote in the last election, but that Obama was going to win the electoral vote.

Well, what was expected didn’t quite pan out when it came to Mitt Romney. However, it is possible for that scenario to actually take place, and besides, the electoral process is so complicated. It’s supposed to help the population be represented fairly, but what’s more fair than a popular vote? As a matter of fact, I said something to my friend after she made the comment she did, and she said well the electoral college may have been fair during the Civil War, but this is 2016.

She has a point folks. The electoral college does seem kind of like it would usher in a fair election during the Civil War. But what in the world are we doing using it in today’s world? We need to get rid of it if you ask me, and then we can just make the elections a little easier. Each state can still report their results and all that, but what in the world do we need electoral votes for?

They want people to be represented by congressional districts fairly, but one person equals one vote when it comes to the popular vote. The electoral college is like geeking out on politics without worrying about whether or not things turn out right. It’s a much more complicated process that makes election night exciting, yet more difficult.

A popular vote would make the presidential election exciting, too. People would be interested in seeing who gets the most votes, and we would all be on the same page. Right now, people look at the popular vote, but what exactly is it even reported for if it doesn’t really matter?

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